A Prayer for Owen Meany (2)



"Goodbye Sky Harbor" by Jimmy Eat World


This song is about A Prayer for Owen Meany.

There are several direct quotes from the novel that both John, the narrator, and Owen say throughout the course of the novel. It would be really great to use when teaching APFOM - the song seems to be from the perspective of John mostly, although it slips a bit into Owen's perspective as well. 


"Is tomorrow just a day like all the rest." (the question Owen asks as he approaches the date he is supposed to die but there are elements from his vision missing)

How could you know just what you did? (from John's perspective, asking if Owen knew how influential he had been)

So full of faith yet so full of doubt I ask. (John comments that he does feel full of faith but also has plenty of doubt in his faith as well)

Time and time again you said don't be afraid. (Owen says this to John...time and time again)

"If you believe you can do it." (Owen's personal catchphrase - he applies this to many things, including "The Shot.")

The only voice I want to hear is yours. (Owen had a very unusual voice that John misses after he is gone)


I shall ask you this once again.

And again.

He said:

" I am but one small instrument." (Owen says this in regard to being a small instrument for God)

Do you remember that? (John, the narrator, asks this about several different historic events that he references)

So here I am above palm trees so straight and tall. (Owen talks about his vision and how there are palm trees, so straight and tall in his vision, and there are at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ)

You are smaller, getting smaller. (Both in going up to Heaven and in flying over the Sky Harbor Airport, the sense of getting higher while the things below seem smaller)

But I still see you.